“No road is long with good company” - Turkish Proverb

Travel Thrills is a very dear endeavour founded by John Varghese, in alliance with his significant other, Rani John Varghese. The couple themselves are travel aficionados and have come together to live out their passion for travel by unrolling the same zeal and enthusiasm to everyone.

John Varghese has previously worked as a top executive with one of the leading companies of the country. He has experienced working from the grass root level to the high levels of seniority. His love for travelling has made him devote all his time for Travel Thrills.

Through Travel Thrills the couple is living their dream of radiating and enthusing the thrill for travelling which makes this travel venture more than a mere vocation.

Their rich knowledge and experience in all that is ‘travel’ has got the husband-wife duo together to impart the travel mania in the form of their beloved Travel Thrills.


“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

And Travel Thrills surely is that single step you must take for the sake of the traveller in you!

Travel Thrills is an initiative that caters to the true traveller in you, be it the young traveller, families, the honeymooners, the explorer, the adventurer, the big-eyed, the fantasist, the admirer of the good life or the quintessential voyager!

With the tagline “Connecting Nature”, Travel Thrills aims at travelling the nature’s way by branding nature as an integral part of one’s holidaying.

You are pampered as a traveller at Travel Thrills. After visiting the exotic locales, you come back feeling younger, rejuvenated and glowing ……

Don’t just visit a place. Experience it!

“Travel and change of place impart new vigour to the mind”

Every traveller has different needs and tastes, and at Travel Thrills we are well aware of that. Hence, Travel Thrills has exclusively worked out the Premium Tour Plans and the Customised Tour Plans that will encase every bit of travel essentials.

Travel Thrills has the Premium Tour Plans for the travel souls who would like to dwell into the boundless beauty of the scenic states of India and unravel the mystic of Indian holidays. The Indian holidays envelopes her classic states which have stood the test of times, namely:-

  • The Green Veil, Kerala
  • Tantalising Tamil Nadu
  • Kaleidoscopic Karnataka
  • Glittering Goa
  • Majestic Madhya Pradesh
  • Resplendent Rajasthan
  • Panoramic Himachal
  • Picturesque Uttarakhand
  • Dynamic Delhi

Wonder cities of Chandigarh and Agra also find a mention among Travel Thrills’ tour sites.

Travel Thrills Customised Tour Plans are the tailor-made holidays under the following categories:-

  • Hills and Landscapes
  • Adventure and Trekking
  • Beaches, Sun and Sand
  • Wildlife and Forests
  • Deserts
  • Heritage

The Customised Tour Plans are select tour designs for the travel souls who are planning a weekend getaway, rejuvenation of mind and body, or just to experience the good life.

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard

Travel Thrills beliefs in providing exceptional and the finest services for travel enthusiasts. We assure you of the absolute involvement in ensuring unbending commitment and quality that shall be imparted to your tours.

Travel Thrills has its association with the leading and celebrated hotels in the country. Also, it is acquainted with reliable and eminent home-stays. Moreover, Travel Thrills enjoys the best of services rendered by steady and reputable houseboat services and transport agencies.

“I was walking on the Moon and it gave me a nice view of Heaven.” - Jacob Gates

God has made a beautiful world solely for us to live in and have a good time. Unload all your worries to Travel Thrills and get pampered!!! Let’s enjoy and appreciate the exquisiteness and the charm of nature and TRAVEL MORE!


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